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I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO Brenda fassie one of the classics wedding day

south african pop star,she was the best to last moment of her life R.I.P

One of her best songs from the album Nomakanjani

Tribute to the QUEEN, you'll always be in our hearts

A tribute to the apex freedom fighter of our time Aye Nelson Mandela (18 July 1918 -- 5 Dec 2013). RIP Madiba.

Enjoy it in peace .

Brenda Fassie, Chicco, Spokes H, Zamalek (SA Oldies Mix Vol #1) Buy your Equipment HERE: Learn How to DJ with...

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Sorry for the Background sound. The mix has been reuploaded here - or Mixcloud: ...

One of South Africa's greatest singers, Brenda Fassie, with her song, Weekend Special, She Could Do The Damn Thang!


from the greated hits album

Brenda Fassie - Vuli Ndela (Lyrics) Lyrics: Vul’indlela wemamgobhozi (Open the gates, Miss Gossip) He unyana wam (My baby boy) Helele uyashada...


In Homage to #BrendaFassieLegacy - the True @BrendaLegacy we all learnt to love so much, Love her gift to the GREAT World ICON ..... Tata MADIBA,...

a beautiful melody by South Africa's legendary songbird. Translates "Do not kill them" from Zulu language.

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